Baron Solutions

Baron Solutions

Baron On-Board Weighing System

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the on-board weighing and identification industry, Baron Srl has developed a range of solutions dedicated to meeting all the needs of the waste collection industry.

On-board weighing systems: Baron Srl offers its customers on-board weighing systems to detect the exact weight loaded on board, the weight of the single bin and the total load, proving dynamic and static solutions, as well as a series of approved instruments that allow you to invoice your customers based on a certified and accurate weight.

On-board RFID identification: our company offers identification systems for collected bins, which represent a valid tool to certify the work performed. These identification systems can be autonomous or combined with on-board weighing systems.

Access control systems for containers: Baron Srl also deals with technologies applied to containers, including smart locks that are able to identify users, given access only to authorized citizens.

Management software: our company also provides customers with the needs of web functions dedicated to displaying and interacting with on-board weighing systems, RFID identification systems and access control systems on bins.

Overload control systems: not only on-board weighing systems, Baron Srl also offers devices dedicated to detecting excess load on the truck.

Our solutions

Baron Cards

Waste Traceability

BARON SRL chooses and uses cutting-edge technologies that are increasingly safe, reliable and easy to use.
For each type of collection container, bag, trashcan, bin or road bin we provide the most suitable identification solution and complete monitoring information.

We provide the tools to manage users database, including the possibility of delivery and association of containers on site with certifiable feedback.

With our applications on rugged readers, we handle at 360 ° all the problems connected to the management of warehouse, from the correct association of users and transponders and to the certified identification with counting of emptyings carried out in the door-to-door collection aimed at calculating the Pay-T.

Baron srl guarantees the security of data transfer through ISO 27001 certification and provides a valid and safe technical service to connect to your billing software solutions.

Chassis Weighing

The on-board weighing on chassis allows weighing of the load. The load cells of the weighing system are inserted between the chassis and the vehicle equipment. In this way, the height of the equipment is not affected. This type of weighing has different characteristics:

  • Designed to ensure accuracy over time.
  • EU type approval certificate pursuant to the NAWID 2014/31 / EU – Class III directive
  • Initial verification performed by Baron srl as a certified manufacturer
  • Compatible with RFID identification systems
  • GPS device interface
  • Automatic switch-on
  • Weight associated with zones and / or type of waste
  • Data Download on USB key
  • Unload weighing

History of Baron

The evolution of weighing systems

Baron was born in 1854 in Vicenza when Riccardo opened his first business as a manufacturer of scales for trade and industry.
Since then, Baron’s work in the weighing industry has been evolving generation after generation, without ever stopping, for over 160 years.

A longevity achieved through commitment, courage and adaptability.
In fact, the company has reacted to market developments with intelligent insights, such as the choice to dedicate itself to the design of special industrial applications.

With the advent of electronics, the fourth generation Baron chose to establish the on-board weighing division.

Over the years, the company has committed to bringing innovation and professionalism to the ecology industry, expanding its product range with on-board RFID identification systems and, subsequently, instruments and devices for intelligent bins.

Baron History 1

Baron History 2

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