SG Bin

SG Bin

The Smart Garbage (SG) Bin is a home grown product which is manufactured locally by our skilled technicians at Beng Hock. While it is a static compactor, it can also be retrofitted onto a truck chassis like a mini rear-end loader. With its fully automated controls, one-man-operation is required only, increasing the Labour efficiency by up to 50%.

Why SG Bin?

Smart & Functional: It is fully automated, and it also ensures minimal leakage of waste during waste transfer.

Safety: There are sensors and there is fail safe mechanism in case of any problem

Environment & Pollution: SG Bin fully enclose the garbage preventing any rat infestation

Manpower: Only one man is needed to operate the REL and the transfer from SG Bin as everything is automated.

Storage efficiency: The compaction of the packer with the retraction of the ejector plate creates a diastolic motion.

IOT System: Measures garbage sensor. (Smart sensor) and it also detects oil leakage and it will stop its operation upon detection