Top Loader/Side Loader


Top Loader/Side Loader

The Side Loader is built to hook a special kind of container that is a concrete prefabricated tank with a quadrangular shape installed in the underground.

How can Nord engineering’s side loader benefit us?

Safety: NO contact is required between operator and containers and all operations are exclusive from the drive cab.

Efficiency: The system allows high economy savings compared to the standard.

Intelligence: The option of being able to do collection from both sides of the containers makes it flexible to the collection services.

Innovation: With just one equipment, many kinds of containers can be collected. Containers such as road containers, underground containers and industrial containers.

Responsibility: No risk of oscillation or displacement during unloading operations.

Automation & technology: the operations programming allows to prearrange a working program which optimizes running time.

Ease: All operations are conducted with just a console and a joystick.

Personalization and Flexibility: Different models are currently available: 2500/2300/2100/1900 with fixed chassis but there are different possible combinations to choose from.

The container is insulated from rainwater and waterproof, sound proof (designed as an urban décor element and not as a necessity product)

The underground container can be used to collect any kind of waste such as glass, paper, plastic, solid urban waste, with dedicated openings (hole or door).