Truck Mounted Crane


Truck Mounted Crane

A Knuckle boom crane is a hydraulic crane that have one or two articulated boom which its foldable and mounted onto a structure platform eg: truck etc.

Technical support and spares parts are provided via PM Partner network (Beng Hock Mechanical Engineering in Singapore.)


For the PM cranes, we produce cranes from 1.5mt to 150mt lifting capacity so that it can best match the truck to accommodate the customer’s needs.

PM Cranes can be available in fully hydraulic or electronic versions depending on user’s requirements.

It is designed for hooking applications, but it can be equipped with other accessories like workman basket, grab, clamp shell backet, etc. To make it more versatile.

It is usually mounted on the front or the rear of a truck however, it can also be mounted on other platforms such as crawlers, boat, etc.

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